Why I Will Never Give Up On You

You worry that everyone is preparing to walk out the door. In the past, nobody held on during the dark times; they just stayed for the brighter days. Anxious thoughts whisper in your ear that you’ll soon find yourself alone. You may not believe me just yet, but I promise that I’ll never give up on you.

I will never give up on you because I know all too well how it feels to be alone. You may not know this, but people abandoned me in the past, too. I spent more than my fair share of time in that painful place of loneliness, so now I ensure that no one ever ever feels the same. I’ll forever stay right by your side, and my love will never waver.

I will never give up on you because you deserve forever friendships. You bring so much light into this dark and dusty world. You deserve kindred spirits who care for your heart the way you do for so many others. Let’s grow into hilarious old ladies and show the world exactly what the ultimate friendship looks like. After all, you deserve someone who stands the tests of time. You should have someone to hold your hand no matter what comes next.

I will never give up on you because you’re so much more than your darkest moments. You worry that nobody can handle your struggles or that your neediness ultimately drives everyone away. But that’s not true at all, my friend, no matter what you say. I see so much beauty inside your soul, and it radiates through your body. Your darkest days no not define you, nor will they defeat you either.

I will never give up on you because I know there are brighter days ahead. You worry that this is all there is to life, that you’re destined for a lifetime of struggles and bad luck. But that simply isn’t true. Your future looks bright beyond compare, and I know that eventually, you’ll reach your full potential. You will achieve all of your wildest dreams, and I’ll be there to see all your wishes come true.

And if the rest of that sounds fabricated, then at least hold onto this: I will never give up on you because that’s simply not what best friends do. 

I know that you fear the worst about your future every single day. You believe that eventually, everyone will leave you because you feel certain that there’s no reason for anyone to stay. But there are so many moments that string together the timeline of your life. And luckily for you, I intend to be a part of each of them, now and forevermore. I will never ever give up on you, so hold on tight and persevere because I know that you’ll make it through.

Megan Glosson

Megan Glosson is a freelance writer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. You can learn more about Megan by visiting http://meganglosson.com/.

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