When A Friend Sat Next To Me During An Incoming Anxiety Flare Up

Back in August, I took a trip out to Michigan with my family to meet a friend of mine. It’s was an amazing trip and we had a great time. The drive however was long-16 hours to be exact. It was all worth it in the end though for sure.

My friend myself and my family spent three days together and let me say and my family will agree to this, it was the absolute best three days. I have not smiled and laughed as much as I did in the three days in a long time. We had some amazing laughs and made so many amazing memories!

On our last full night, the girls decided to go to the mall while my dad went to the movies. We dropped him off and parked the car. Instead of using my wheelchair in the mall, I decided I was going to walk it. It was 90 degrees outside, so my mom had me wait until we got inside where it was cool, so I wouldn’t pass out from the heat. We got inside, and I got out of my chair and into my walker. We made the choice to use my wheelchair as a cart.

We walked for a little while, then my aunt spotted Barnes and Noble. Meanwhile, my legs were burning because of all the walking. This store had not one but two floors. My aunt asked if we wanted to go inside with her and my mom, but we both said no. We both sat on the couch next to the bookstore instead.

I sat on the couch first. My mom reassured me (mostly to try and prepare my anxiety.) that her and my aunt would be right back, but that didn’t work, as soon as they walked away, I could feel the panic coming on.

Usually, I either have to tell somebody, “Hey I’m anxious, could you help me.” Or the person just doesn’t care enough to help me and just let me sit there and have an attack.

My friend though, didn’t do this.

I think she could sense I was anxious. She sat on the couch and put her arm around me. She started talking about things that make me laugh and smile, within five minutes, I was laughing. The anxiety was gone, and I was ok.

My friend didn’t look at me like I was crazy.

She understood.

She loved me through it and didn’t walk away.

She didn’t let me sit there and let the anxiety build up like some people would do.

She acted and decided to help me without me having to ask, without any hesitations and zero questions asked.

I’m not going to lie, I told her I had anxiety. She knew that already. I was still worried how she was going to do if an anxiety flare up did happen at any point during the visit. When this one happened, she did an excellent job handling it and I’m super proud of her!

To my anxiety fighters out there, if you have at least one friend like this in your life, keep them close to your heart and cherish them.

You may not be my unbiological sister by blood, but you are by choice and heart. I appreciate what you did for me in my time of need. You have my trust and friendship always. I’m extremely thankful that someone like you came into my life and that we have a friendship and bond that will never be broken!

Juliana Ruggiero

Juliana is 18 and fresh out of High school. She graduated with High honors. Writing is something she really enjoys doing and everyone that knows her tells her she has a gift for it. Juliana is a hopeless Italian food addict, loves meeting new people and making new friends. She is very laid back and easy going. Juliana is here to inspire everyone and give it her all. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body. Her career began in July of 2016 after reaching out and offering to be interviewed for The Abler Blog. Since that interview, after seeing all the positive feedback she was getting from everyone, it pushed her to do more with her writing! Pushing herself to do more has lead Juliana to some of the most kind and supportive people she could ask for! She is grateful that she took that "leap of faith."

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