The Day I Had My Last Panic Attack

My favourite panic attack was the last one I ever had. Sitting in a restaurant in Hangzhou, China waiting for ...
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Choose Wisely!

As adults, life gives us many challenges. It’s up to us to choose the right path for our individual selves ...
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Why I Could Never Let You Go

You can’t fall out of real love. Even if you’re not with them anymore, the love will stay. It doesn’t ...
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/ relationships, transition

How Moving 200 Miles From My Best Friend Made Us ‘Unbiological Sisters’

“I hope you take some comfort in the fact that I hear you now,” I typed, hoping to soothe my ...
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Chaos for you? Routine for me.

The halls get weird in June. One reason is because the weather gets wonky so it’s a different climate in ...
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/ career, transition

It’s Time To (Actually) Call A Therapist

Two years ago, I threw my graduation cap in the air, rushed back to my apartment, loaded up all of ...
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Recognizing the truth behind your mission in life

Have you had any revelations in life? Perhaps, dreaming about the lottery winner number? How about finding a note from ...
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Flipping Through the Chapters

I’m a bit mad. Please read on. My favorite verse back in the day, back in a different chapter of ...
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The Walk That Almost Wasn’t

“When you turn that tassel, you’re moving on, not just from college, but also from all of the emotions that ...
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