Time is the best gift you can give

As a kid around the holidays, I was excited to receive or open gifts from Santa or a family member to see what I had gotten. Now I have changed my stance and I much prefer giving gifts. I love to see the joy on someone’s face when they open a present they have always wanted. Spreading joy is to me what the holidays are all about now. I know for most people that is the way but for me, just the idea of giving someone a gift is enough to excite me beyond belief. When I give a gift to someone, I feel it is an expression of love, gratitude, and appreciation when you give someone a gift.

I believe as we get older, gift giving is no longer about the newest tech items or the hottest toy on the market but it is more individually catered. You can cater to someone’s new passion or adventure or to encourage them when they are in a rough season. The best gifts are the ones that have a lasting impression. It should not be about the item itself and more about the special memories one creates in spending time with their loved ones. A heartfelt gift will tell someone what they mean to you. Not everyone has the ability to communicate to their loved ones about all they mean to them so do it for those who can’t. This can be either because their loved ones have passed, are in the military or live far away. Whatever the reason is, gift giving should be less about the materialistic significance and more about the emotion behind it.

That is the most meaningful gift you can give your loved ones this holiday season and every season  in the years to come. Show the younger generation what the  holiday is really about deep down and show them that at the end of the day the holidays are about what you already have. It’s also about giving something to someone that has less than you do. That is the most important lesson this time of year anyone can learn at any point. Spending time with those you love and making memories with them is the gift you can’t replace or put a price tag on. Remember that this holiday season and every day that someone being around is not to be taken for granted  because time is the most beautiful gift you can’t take or get back.

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