The Meaning of Life

The personification of the correlation of time and life would be giving it the description of being a person in quicksand that gets engulfed and completely submerged by the sticky nature of living as quickly their life begins. The only disability in life is a bad attitude; a cliche saying of sorts that I have heard many times over, but within it resides so much truth. We as humans take so much for granted, such as the fresh summer air that surrounds us, the people who love us, and what all life offers us: the countless opportunities, and the many blessings we don’t deserve.

Life is too short. Eat the cake. Stay up late once in a while. Laugh loudly. Hug freely. Attitude is everything. Smile often. You will never truly know what the silent demonstration of your strength and perseverance will mean to someone; perhaps, it isn’t your place to know. Be yourself. Don’t focus on the invalid opinions of those around you, because they will always find something to say; furthermore don’t even focus on those who praise you. None of that matters. So what DOES matter?

The truth of it all is that God has a beautiful plan awaiting all of us, if we’d just make the slightest attempt to see our surroundings as He sees them. Those with any kind of disabilities have so much to offer, as does those without any impairment. We have love to spread and something to fight for. Questioning our existence is easy, and so is giving up, but that is something we just cannot do.

The only disability in life is a bad attitude; honestly, cerebral palsy is no walk in the park; it is the most challenging obstacle I’ve dealt with in life, but it’s something I have come to accept and embrace with positivity. I walk with a smile on my face and my head held high.

The truly encouraging part of my life is that each day sees me stronger than the day before; the experiences I’ve had have shaped together to form a continuing line of connecting dots; each dot representing my gradual growth and maturation through lessons learned in life.

You matter. Your attitude matters. The world needs more people who provide a shimmer of light to pop through the ever growing darkness of our society. Be that light. Be the brave soldier who is not afraid to share that disabilities are not sentences of life imprisonment, that there is joy to be found within the struggle. Love people with all of your heart and soul. Give to people more than you take. Shine brighter than any diamond you could wear or any star you might catch gleaming in the sky.

The beauty of time is that it teaches us so much; the only disability in life is a bad attitude. You have the power to decide who you want to be. Don’t let pain and exhaustion wear you down. Life your life to only see the positives, and not the negatives. Live to show someone else what positivity and individuality truly is and how much of a confidence boost it can provide them with.

Life holds no true limits; disability or no disability makes no difference. Accomplish as much as you can however you can. Life is short. Money, fame, and recognition are temporary accolades that don’t matter in the long run; what matters is the impact you leave behind. The comfort and contentment in the precious little blessings found in between the said line of life is what matters.

Writing is an extension of living for me; of everything I am. Finding and delving into something you love is crucial to a great, purpose filled life. Therapeutic and sometimes rather tedious, the written word brings me joy. Find out who you are and own it, for that’s the true meaning of life.


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