The Magic of the Holidays

These last few years have been very difficult in my family with the loss of my aunt and grandfather most recently.  I was worried about how the first Thanksgiving without him was going to be.  We spent the day with my family and brought the ham to the family gathering.  Mealtime was filled with laughter and catching up with my cousin who was in Boston for college, and there really wasn’t anything that was about my grandfather that would have upset my gram.  This was her first Thanksgiving without him, and it seemed like she was just grateful to have the rest of us.

She was strong and positive, and even got a few good jokes in.  This Thanksgiving was “magical” not because my family found an old magic kit that apparently was mine….and I have no recollection of this toy….but because of the strength my gram had to be happy and enjoy time with her family.  She was so excited to make stuffing, and then so excited to even eat with our entire family at the same time.  I always thought that my gram is one of the strongest people that I knew, and this holiday really supported that assumption.  I hope that during this hectic holiday season and work time for me results in the ability to have an ounce of her grace and gratitude for what I do have.  I have my family, my friends, my boyfriend and my dog.  Even though the holidays are notoriously stressful and hectic, I want to spend this year focusing on being grateful for all of these people and making the most out of the time we spend together, whether it’s running to the grocery store or walking the dog.

Gratitude is usually so easily described because we attribute it to something you are grateful for, but rather then it being something or someone, be grateful of the moments during this holiday season that are special. 

These moments shouldn’t just be opening that most sought out Christmas gift, but maybe instead the mess of a kitchen from baking for your friends and family.  Being covered in flour may not be something that you’d traditionally be grateful for, but the cookies and smile they bring to your friends/family’s faces is what is important and those are the things that I am planning on being grateful for this holiday season.

Enjoy everything about the holiday season and be grateful you are here to celebrate with the people in your life that mean the most to you.

Taryn Anthony

Taryn is a 27 year-old Physical Chemistry PhD. Candidate at Temple University. She loves watching and playing sports, advocating and educating people about Crohn's disease (Crohnie for life since 2008), hanging out with her family and friends, and most importantly talking to new people about anything and everything! Her attitude about how to look forward and stay positive was really fostered at the University of Scranton, where she actually met HKP. Taryn absolutely believes a strong community can help you through anything.

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