Self Love

You Will Know Unconditional Love, If You Learn to Love Yourself

Coveted by us all, and notoriously difficult to acquire, unconditional love is a sensation many of us chase. While some ...
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This is Why Self-Love is Critical

In a world where finger pointing and criticism for every little thing runs rampant, it can be very difficult to ...
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Mine stinks, too.

I love that at this time of my life, over half of a century that I have been in this ...
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Are you okay?

Dear you, Last year I had the opportunity to see a women by the name of Meg Medina speak at ...
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It’s okay to say no

Busy as usual, business as usual. I had spent a decent portion of my day in the Scranton office, and ...
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My Favorite Love Story is Mine

My all time favorite story is the one about how I met my husband.  It makes me so happy when ...
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Healthy Body is a Healthy Mind

When I used to think of the word "exercise" I used to think of it like it was a chore ...
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Life Is Full Of Endless Possibilities For You To Go After

Are you a glass half-empty person? Do you struggle to look on the bright side of life? What’s stopping you from ...
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The Importance of Feeling Insignificant

Of all the things to feel, feeling insignificant is one of the worst, isn’t it? That all-consuming sensation of unimportance, ...
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