Psychiatric Help

Beauty in things when not looking for it. Isn’t that like sun shine beams coming through the storm clouds on a rain day? Serendipity, the treasure of something not at all expected. As I become older, life has become just that. Little treasures with the pieces of growth, the chaos of change, embracing, leaping or inching no matter what the case. Plus, noticing those around me!

My mom has said to me, “I love you too much!” I’d smirk thinking it was a cute saying or the thought of how can a Mom love TOO MUCH? Recently, I heard it loud in my conscience, thinking parts of my life and damn I’m guilty. I’ve loved too much. I love too much! A girl that wears her heart on her sleeve, isn’t that how the saying goes? I wear my heart on my face, forehead and I guess have just stood there with my heart in my hands, “anyone want a piece?”

I’m a lover of people and a passionate person. The words have been said to me, “you’re easy to talk to.” I’ve been referred to as Lucy from the Peanuts gang. In the comic she’s known to offer psychiatric help, for the cost of a whole 5 cents. I am well aware my worth is whole hell of a lot more than 5 cents for my time, heart and mind.

On my walk tonight, the street at the end of the trail I saw a man who was pruning trees in his yard. I passed him on my right and it was as if we were walking together for a second, but of course we’re strangers. Walking back he was then on my left, and the thought came to me; this is like people we let and cross paths with in our lives. We are strangers until we float along, connect or go separate ways. Friends stay or go, some change and some have to go. Maybe the friend hemispheres change to let new ones in. Shared life pieces, loyalty, best friends, lovers or even once connected to back being strangers again. I do believe no one meets by accident. We are all in a lesson or teaching one without knowing it.

Theres beauty in all it. Not one person is the same and my comparison is that we are like crayons. Not one of us the same but our shades may be similar. I choose to notice the beauty in my surroundings, pack, friends, and even those strangers around me. Sometimes it may be a challenge but we have to trust the universe and it’s messages through people.

I love the idea of “Lucy.” I love people and soulful conversations. That feeling of warmth like a good craved cup of coffee or that spot comfort food hits. Meaningful talks and there really is nothing wrong with loving “too much.”

Do you dive into a good heartfelt conversation ever, maybe once a week? Do you lift up others and see their beauty? I read a quote this morning that said, “wear your heart on your sleeve so the good ones know where to find you.” I so have to agree ♥️

Amy Scott

Born in Atlantic City NJ, and raised in NEPA. Forever a lover of sand and ocean, but would escape to the woods and a cabin. Fan of traveling, small coffee shops, real feels and deep conversations. A girl that will throw the car in reverse to photograph something that catches her eye. Continuing to find herself even at 40. Amy holds the first four year college degree in her family history. A mother of two daughters who come first. Photographer of family and abstract. Writer of life pieces and poetry. Passionate in inspiring others to always find the positive.

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