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Statements about my expectations and real expectations

We are living in a very unprecedent time. Not because of the choices we made, but because the circumstances of ...
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Embrace Uncertainty

Uncertainty is inevitable. It’s a rule of life or a simple law of nature. This law is not a comfortable ...
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It’s Time To Reclaim Our Anger

I just got off a video call with my former advisor from the college I dropped out of. It wasn’t ...
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Turning a Time of Loss, Into a Gain

It may not seem like it, but soon enough, we will be emerging from this quarantine, returning to the normal ...
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How Shaving My Hair Off Meant Finding Myself

I shaved my head a month ago, but it hit me while I was scrolling through Instagram. I’m twenty, so ...
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Alone Together

We’re all aware a crisis has come over the world, a global pandemic called Coronavirus or Covid 19. It affects ...
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Coming Out of the Rabbit Hole

I am and always have been an Alice in Wonderland girl. I’ll take any adventure and I’m curious.  Also, as ...
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Cherished Family Recipes

This time of year brings back memories of days gone by, of loved ones no longer on earth and cherished ...
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Meeting myself…again.

Some days I feel like I’m just floating, my head is  just above water. The days of the week are ...
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