You Are Not an Impostor

I was standing in a sea of college seniors, moments away from graduating.  I gently caressed the pure white tassel ...
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We need peaceful coexistence

What is this world coming to! When did we get so dramatic and over sensitive. I must question, why now? ...
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#HoustonStrong – Hurricane Harvey from the eyes of a Houston Nurse. #HarveyNurses

"Rain, rain... go away... come again ano-" A nurse quietly hums a classic nursery rhyme to a premature infant at ...
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Stop Living a Life in Fear

Many of us don't realize how much our past is dictating our now and our future lives. We think we're ...
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What “The Office” Taught Me About Life’s Detours

I work in an industrial part of the city. Some nights on my way home the road I take is ...
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Lessons in Acceptance

Accept (v): 1 to take or receive something offered with approval or favor, 2 to agree or consent to, 3 ...
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Take a Moment to Breathe

Recently, a thought struck me, completely out of the blue.  It hit me silently, but, like the force of an ...
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A Reflection on the Ocean

I have a lot going on. I say that not as a complaint, but as a preface for the below ...
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Appreciate All Life Has to Offer

It was an overcast May day with a piercing chill in the air.  I gazed out at a jumble of ...
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