Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

I am a disabled, so I need to ask others for help on a daily basis, usually to complete tasks ...
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Half & Half Creamer

Day 1: The urge to pick up a pen. Hello, old friend. The days are spinning again or are they really ...
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Why Long-Distance Friendships Are The Best You’ll Ever Have

Adulting can feel impossible at times, especially with making and maintaining friendships. However, true friendship knows no distance. In fact, ...
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The Transformation That Changed My Life Forever

Being disabled and in a wheelchair makes me feel cold all the time due to my  lack of mobility, which ...
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You Have Reached Your Mountaintop

About a week ago, I had new hire training at my job, and one of the things we do at ...
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7 Lessons My Disability Taught Me

I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 2, and throughout my journey, my disability has taught me many lessons ...
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Why Being A Parent Is The Most Beautiful Gift

Although it may not always be easy to see, parenting truly is the most beautiful gift that we will ever ...
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Thank You For Making Me Better

The people I have to thank for making me better are my best friends, who I call my chosen family ...
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