On Being Great

I sometimes do not understand the world we live in today.  We are so connected yet so unfamiliar with each other.  We can do almost anything at the press of a button, yet we do not have time to do anything.  We spend hours posting on social media waiting for the rush of acceptance we feel when our fiends approve of what we posted.

There are many uncertainties in our world, society, and communities.  Many of those problems seem too big to be solved by a single person.  However, we must refocus our efforts on the things we can control.  We can go outside our protective bubble to get to help others. We can take better care of ourselves.  We can be better employees in the workforce.

I know our quests for a perfect six-pack or a respectful position at work have us distracted from our long-term greatness. Fear not, greatness isn’t easy, you have to want it bad.  The other side of success is sacrifice.  Those of us who are willing to endure the darkness before dawn are in store for a beautiful sunrise.  So, go forth and pursue greatness.  You will not be disappointed.

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