Love is Never Lost Forever

Dear Friend,

Recently you told me that a person you love and were in a relationship with messaged you to tell you that they do not know if they want this relationship anymore and that their feelings had changed. They said that they are not the same person that they once were and let the voices of those around you both get the best of them and convinced them to “end it.”

I know that you are devastated. I know that you have been waiting for this person for a long time. I know you are hurting. I know you are sad for this lost love.

I know you had never dreamed of this.

I am aware of how happy you were. The bright smile that could outshine the universe’s brightest stars graced your face once more. The laugh that is so infectious, but had long disappeared, came back to you, and that spark that had dimmed long ago inside of you was reignited. I know you had not been happy for a while, and here you were, finally happy again.

This love was a love from the past that you had let go, but it had finally returned to you. It was alive and burning bright. And you felt so alive, so reinvigorated. It was what you had been waiting for, and what you had been wanting for so long. And now, I feel you are deeply saddened by this love slipping away from you again.

And I am sorry.

I am sorry for all of the forces that ripped your love from your hands again and made those sharp pangs of loss that you had felt so long ago with the same person reoccur once more.

You deserve nothing but happiness. You really do. And maybe this love was not right for you at this time. But by the same token, this love that had once gone away could come back someday.

But do not fret, my friend; love is always ebbing and flowing, ready for us to catch and reel in. It may sweep out with the current, but one day, when you least expect it, it will come crashing back with the force of a tidal wave. The love that you once had to set free will come back to you. It may not be what you wanted, but I promise, my dear friend, it will be what you need.

And you will feel that feeling you once felt come back to you, and all of that hurt and sadness will dissipate to nothing. You will recognize that feeling and know that love has remembered you and returned to you. And you will be happy and smiling and laughing again. You will know it is right, and all will be good.

So, my friend, you might have had to let this love go free, but love will return. You’ll see.

Emily Veith

Emily has her bachelor's degree in Political Science, and has always believed in helping and serving others. She wants to make the world a better place, and aspires to be a politician someday to do just that. She is an old soul who loves Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Glenn Miller. When she isn't writing about imperative news- and political-related, she can be found attempting new recipes, playing her guitar or reading a good mystery book.

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