Let Go Of What’s Not Meant For You

Throughout my life, I have personally held onto many things that weren’t meant for me. I’ve held onto a toxic friendship that made me feel too comfortable and even a jealous feeling when a writer friend received a better opportunity than I did. In hindsight though, I realize holding onto those toxic feelings was not necessary because what is meant to be will come my way. Letting go of negative people and feelings makes my positive experiences that much sweeter.

People often hold onto things that weigh them down out of the fear that comfort is better than nothing at all. However, it’s more beneficial to just let fate take control and realize that everything happens for a reason. Don’t hold on too hard because that’s no way to grow, learn, and improve. Everything you keep close now may be a safety net that keeps you in your comfort zone, you will never know what stepping outside will bring unless you try. View every every circumstance as a gift meant to teach you a lesson about letting go of things that aren’t meant for you.

If someone gets an opportunity for something you wanted, don’t be bitter or jealous of their success Celebrate their accomplishments, let go, and look for other opportunities for yourself.  Truly grasp what you want, what you’ve already been granted, and what’s yet to come. Your plans may work out or they may not, but you never know if you aren’t willing to let go of the past and embrace the possibilities.

Letting go is difficult, but it’s an important way to grow. Sometimes we’re willing to let go, and other times we’re more hesitant, but once we let go of what isn’t meant for us, we will only see the open doors.

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