It’s Okay Not To Be Happy 24/7

I have a positive outlook on life and always seem positive. All that is because that is what I put out into the world. But let me be honest with you all. I am not always happy, no one always is. It is not realistic for anyone to be that way all the time. We are not built that way; we are not robots.

I have days when I am not all bubbly and happy because sometimes my days just suck because that’s life. We all have ups and downs, I am not immune to those feelings. Whenever I am having an off day and people ask me how I am I say “ I am okay” or “I have been better”. I get asked what’s wrong and I understand people are concerned and why they ask, but some days are just bad days and I have been better. I say to myself hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I think there is a myth that positive people always have to be happy and upbeat and nothing can ever get them down. Well, sorry to break it to you but I am busting that myth. It’s not true and frankly is not healthy for that to be the case all the time. Positive people in general are allowed to have other emotions.

I think it’s important to show yourself those other feelings. It allows you to be okay with those feelings when they come up and to cope with them in a healthy way. It’s part of personal growth and tapping into a side of yourself that you rarely see or let other people see helps. It’s okay to let other people see too because you are being true to who you are not just what people choose to see in you.

I think as a society we need to come to realize that having a positive outlook doesn’t mean we should hide our true feelings because of how we are perceived by everyone in our circles or just out in the world. I can honestly say as a positive person, I am okay with not being a positive person all the time because my family and friends allow me to turn off the positive switch and be normal. They don’t question why I am not happy, they just let me be me and let me have all my emoticons and still love me for me.

I think if more positive people let their other feelings show, let that guard down, knew that this feelings are okay to have and know that they are allowed and that they are loved no matter what they are feeling, a lot of people would live more happy and authentic lives. Everyone deserves that.

So, to people and society struggling with this concept; it’s okay to not be happy 24/7. Nothing bad happens when you’re true to you.

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