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It’s Okay If You Can’t Always Bloom

It’s okay if you can’t always bloom. Sometimes you’re not where you’re meant to be. It doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong if you can’t bloom where you’re sitting. Maybe you’ve even been in this place before, you’ve felt like you’ve bloomed there before – why isn’t it happening now? Just because you’ve bloomed in one place before doesn’t mean that it’s meant for you now.

As we grow, we change. We age, we learn, we progress, we become different people. We can become better versions of ourselves, or we can try to force a situation. Everyone changes at their own pace, everyone grows at their own pace. Humans are a beautiful, everchanging species and are meant to grow, to develop, to evolve.

No one can tell you that they know what’s going to happen in life. Life in itself is circumstantial. One moment you could be there, developing, happy, growing and blooming into what you think you want to be. A person could be completely thriving where they are in that moment. The next moment, with even one little change – it could be something completely different.

You could be in a new environment without ever moving, never lifting your roots. The environment around you has completely changed and now you’ve lost your motivation, your ability to thrive, your ability to continue where you thought you were the safest and happiest. You just need to move to a different situation.

No, you don’t need to physically move, that’s not always the case (although sometimes it couldn’t hurt), but always look for the chance to move forward. Change your scenery. Cut someone toxic out of your life, find someone else in your life that brings you love, joy, happiness, and makes you the best version of yourself. Don’t rely on people as a constant. People are never constant. You are never a constant.

Your friends might change, your family might change, your relationship might change, you yourself are always changing. You can always discover something new. You can find something about yourself that you never knew. The goal in life shouldn’t be how much money you make, what job title you have, what your social status is – no. The goal should be happiness.

The goal should be to thrive, to succeed, to find what makes you a unique individual. The goal in life, at least in mine, is to find something that makes you into you. A place where you can be uniquely you and nothing can stand in your way. The world itself can be scary, it can be terrifying, and it can also be completely beautiful.

It’s okay if you can’t always bloom where you’re standing, it’s okay if your life isn’t always perfect. Nothing is perfect. People will show you the side that they want you to see, they’ll show you the brightest side that they can, people don’t want to show you their darkness. Don’t compare yourself to that. It’s okay if you’re not in your ideal place.

It’s okay if your dream job wasn’t actually as dreamy as you believed. It’s okay if a relationship ends. It’s okay to let things fall apart sometimes. Just know that it’s okay. Keep pushing, keep thriving, keep moving forward. And always know – it’s okay if you can’t bloom right now, but you’ve bloomed before, and you will absolutely bloom again.

Sarah Dowell

I've always had a passion for writing. I'm an introvert and put things into words on a page better than verbally. I also love writing and reading.

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