In the Spirit of Generosity

The season of gratitude is upon us, which rightfully has people acknowledging the things in their lives for which they are grateful. It makes sense that as the year winds to an end and the holidays approach, we take a minute to not only acknowledge the blessings we received throughout the past year but also offer up thanks.

Make a list of 4 things you are grateful for this year. My 4 “things” this year are:

  • Health. First and foremost – because what is life without the blessing of good health?
  • Family. I am usually “the strong one” and do not lean on my family a lot, but I am thankful to know that they are there any time I should need them. I realize that not everyone has this blessing. (This also includes my inner circle of close friendships that I consider family!)
  • Faith. The connection I have with the Universe, with its unwavering support, is a comfort when the outside world gets chaotic. I know that it will always take care of me and provide me with the people/things I need in my life.
  • Transition. The past 11 months have definitely been months of transition and growth, filled with many lessons that helped me to evolve not only in my personal life but also in my career. Transition can be tough, but is quite necessary on the road to being your best self!

Coupled with the season of gratitude is the season of generosity, which is equally as important. There are different levels of generosity, but (in my opinion!) the noblest type is altruistic generosity. When a person can give selflessly without guarantee of “repayment” (maybe not even a “thank you”!), to better the life of someone else, it is admirable indeed.

You do not know true generosity until you give to someone who may possibly never be able to repay you.

Too often, the motivating factor behind someone’s generosity turns out to be a selfish reason or the expectation of receiving something in return. From my personal experience, the Universe always finds a way to thank you for your selfless acts anyway.

Life is not about keeping tally of who “owes” who. If you are in the position to kindly share an act of generosity with someone else, I encourage you to do it… even if it means that you may not “get anything in return.” If you can find it in your means, without depleting yourself, do what you can to be generous to others. Remember:  Being generous does not always equate to giving out money or buying gifts. You can be generous with your time and attention too!

I challenge you to be generous simply in the spirit of generosity, and not in the spirit of reciprocity. You may just end up being one of the reasons that someone is grateful one day!

Antonella Recchia

Antonella is a gypsy soul with a passion for traveling, experiencing other cultures, and trying new things. Her “happy places” include airports, libraries, and Japanese restaurants. She enjoys reading, creative writing, music, kickboxing, risky/high-speed activities, and food! Her favorite things in life are crafting a good story and making people laugh. While she is still on a journey to figure out her exact life purpose, she is on a mission to be what she’s destined to be!

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