I’m The Luckiest Because Of You

Despite my red hair and Emerald Isle roots, the “luck of the Irish” really never struck me. From my childhood into my 20s, I often considered myself cursed and unfortunate. I never really questioned my miserable misfortune; I simply chalked it up to luck refusing to be a lady for me.

Yet somehow, the day I met you, that streak of negative outcomes transformed into a pot of gold at the end of my rainbow.

From the start, you showered me in kindness. You showed acceptance and understanding. You provided companionship and love. You helped me see that there are still genuine, admirable people in the world. You taught me that unconditional love actually exists, even in the most platonic ways.

The funny part is that I did absolutely nothing to earn your respect or love. I’m completely flawed and chaotic, and I showed my true colors from the start. You witnessed my dysregulation and impulsivity, and you even sustained damage from the storm inside me.

Honestly, I don’t deserve you, but I’m the luckiest because of you.

You listen to my deepest, darkest secrets, and you trust me with yours. You lead by example, always encouraging me to be the best version of myself because I see you being yours. You never fail to make me laugh, and you refuse to leave when I cry.

I wish that I could be half the friend to you that you are to me. I often make mistakes, though, and I’m nearly always selfish. Yet, for reasons I’ll never understand, you continue to forgive me and love me in spite of all that I’ve done wrong.

You’ve blessed me beyond my wildest dreams with your friendship. I’m the luckiest because of you.

I hope that someday soon, I can return at least a portion of the favors you’ve bestowed upon me. I’m determined to show you how much I care and value our friendship, and I’ll make my mistakes up to you with everything I have. I may never be a cheery leprechaun showering you in lucky charms, but I hope that one day, my presence in your life is at least partially as delightful as a rainbow after a rainstorm. Thank you for being my Irish blessing and the most phenomenal friend.

I truly am the luckiest gal in the world, all because of you.

Megan Glosson

Megan Glosson is a freelance writer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. You can learn more about Megan by visiting http://meganglosson.com/.

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