I Don’t Know Where I’m Going, But That’s Okay

As of right now, I am happy and content with my life. I currently have almost ten years at my first job, I’m running a community service group, my writing career is really taking off. As grateful as I am for my successes, I don’t know what the next few years hold for my career path. Nothing is certain, but right now, that’s OK. Whatever happens with my career, good or bad, is meant for me, and I will accept whatever comes.

We are often not in control of the circumstances that life throws our way, but we can control the way that we respond to the stressors. People in today’s society often become so infatuated with their career and life achievements that they lose sight of the small lessons that they learn every day. We create anxiety over the “what ifs” instead of focusing on the now. But life has to be about taking what you’re given and making the most of it.

No one’s certain of what’s coming next. No one can guarantee where they will end up in the future. We all strive to do big things with our lives, which is admirable. But it’s OK to work towards appreciating the smaller aspects of life, too, even if you don’t know where you’re ultimately headed in life. Some people enjoy not knowing where they’re going and see the unknown as a teachable moment. Others are worriers who constantly stress about not knowing where they are going and overwork themselves trying to figure it out. Those worriers may benefit from knowing that even if they don’t have all of the answers about their lives now, their futures will eventually pan out.

So if you don’t know where you’re going, leave room to grow and explore. Take the uncertainty, run with it, and turn it into excitement. Find your groove. It may take a while to find your path, but don’t rush your destination. Enjoy the journey, and give yourself room to learn and grow.

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