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How Freddie Mercury made me Realize my Greatness

Bohemian Rhapsody released in the movies; I had to see it. It’s Queen! I mean, come on! They’re my shit, and Freddie Mercury; he’s a voice of the gods. I’d be crazy not to see it.

It was right after it came to theatres, and my boyfriend took me to see it. My god, I knew I was going to enjoy it, I just never realized how much. That moment when the movie started, and they showed Freddie back stage pumping himself up for Live Aid; goosebumps started to break out all over my body and the biggest smile came across my face. I knew what I was in for; a night of a life time. This was my new favorite movie biopic for a life time.

Let me tell you, that movie took me for a ride. It made me laugh, reeled me in and brought me to tears. The energy that man had was incredible, and I only wish I had the chance to see him in concert. The way he captured the crowd and had them in the palm of his hands, is spine tingling.

Seeing Freddie rise through his uniqueness and having such a passion for music, made me realize I can do just about anything and I need to stop thinking I can’t. It doesn’t matter how different you are, or what you like: It matters what you think about yourself and what you want. Do you think you can make it? Do you want whatever it is, whether to make music, write, or be famous; what have you! Do you truly want it, and how badly do you want it? If your answer is that you want it, then go for it! The worst you can ever do for yourself is put yourself down and not go for your dreams and later regret it.

Freddie Mercury knew what he was getting himself into. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but he wanted it badly and he did it. Thinking into the life of Freddie Mercury and his passion for music made me realize my passion for music and it makes me so angry how I lost touch with singing and songwriting. I used to dream as a little girl: One day I’m going to make it. I’m going to sing for a living and make it big and prove everyone wrong. I used to dream so badly to move away and make a career in singing. My parents always told me to be practical, I was a good singer, it’s just so difficult to make it big. It’s once in a blue moon, sort of thing. I never should have listened. I should have done what Freddie did, and sought out fame and fortune and channeled my passion and followed my heart and dreams. Now I regret it.

But I am young, aren’t I? There’s still a chance, right? I know what Mr. Mercury would tell me right at this very moment. Follow your heart, follow your dreams.

Music has always been my go-to since a very young age. It’s like it gave me the capability to escape my own life for a little bit and jump into the lyrics and beat of a favorite song. Since I was a kid and I would go on car rides with my family, I needed my headphones with me to clear my head. Everyone thought I was being anti-social, or they would get annoyed when they would try to tell me something, and they would need to repeat themselves because I couldn’t hear them.

Let me take a moment to apologize for appearing rude but, allow me to explain myself: It’s not that I want to be rude or want to ignore you; I just so desperately need music in my life, because at times it speaks volumes to me. It says things that I can’t even say myself. It removes me from my comfort level, but at the same time it provides a safety blanket, because in all honesty: Music truly understands me.

That’s why it hurts me so much knowing I never continued with my passion. There are days when I am driving in the car and my favorite song comes on the radio and I’m singing my heart out and I think to myself…Why in god’s name, did I never take up singing? I mean, I took singing lessons as a kid and sang throughout high school and college, but I never continued. Why did I never think I was never good enough to continue?

I want to tell each and every one of you reading this article: Never for one second think your dreams and passions are not good enough or impractical, because that’s a lie. Your dreams are what make you as a person. You owe it to yourself to do what makes you happy and gives you purpose and confidence in this crazy world of ours. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t, because honey, you certainly can. That was something I never realized, until seeing Bohemian Rhapsody and indulging in the music of Queen, and it is something I regret to this day. It is something I need to change; somehow, someway. Believe me, I will find a way. And you, you can still do it. Whatever it is that drives you and sets your heart on fire, do it, don’t stop for one second.

Because for all of you who ever doubted me and my capabilities: Don’t stop me now!

Marissa Selemba

Marissa, I have a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology, and currently interested in experiencing a career change in writing. My goal is to one day be a content writer. I enjoy classic rock music and unwinding with my cat, Stevie Nicks!

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