How Your Friendships Can Grow When You Explore New Places

I am disabled. I have cerebral palsy, I am an amputee, and I use a wheelchair most of the time ...
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Look For The Beauty, Explore The World

Don’t wait for things to be perfect; make every day count. Get out there and live! Life is not infinite, ...
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No Matter Where I Roam, I Will Always Return Home

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that you must foster your roots. I have been through ...
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Learn To Embrace Your Struggles

Some believe that individuals are products of their environment, that thought processes and morals are instilled as a product of ...
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Why I’m Not Pursuing My Dream Career Yet

We tell young children that they can pursue their wildest dreams and become anything they want to be. Somehow as ...
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The Movie That Taught Me To Love Myself

Since childhood I've always loved cinema, and a particular movie that's stuck out to me is the 2008 Christian film ...
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Always Nurture The Bloom

Don’t just blossom when it’s time—you’ve got to nurture that bloom first. I can’t think of a better lesson I’ve ...
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Can People Just Be Nice?

Can people just be nice? I mean, seriously… don’t make people mad so early in the morning. If you don’t ...
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What Deciding To End A Friendship Taught Me

I am the friend who is loyal to a fault. I will keep up a friendship even if the relationship ...
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