All alone in a foreign land

Far away, all alone here I stand

Thousands of miles from home

Where my heart belongs

I was just a little girl

Moving to the promised land

Leaving everything and everyone behind

To start a new life

As I lay alone at night

Memories re-play on my mind

From the day that I left

I still remember that scared little girl

She carried a small backpack

Her eyes were filled with tears

Not knowing when she would back

She cried to drown all her fears

Every year that passes

It only gets harder

And my heart shatters

Into a million fragments

When I think of what I left behind

All my emotions run high

My chest feels tight

My feelings turn into tears

Wishing I could turn back to those years

We live in two separate lands

Our feet don’t touch the same ground

I live in the North

And you live South

Despite the miles between us

The bond that we share will never end

We will be together again

Still uncertain on how or when

I find peace in my soul

Trying to fill this empty hole

With happy memories and the thought

That all this one day shall pass

We are far away in distance

But we are close in our hearts

We have an invisible bond

We are far away, yet so close

We live on the same earth

We breath the same air

We share the sun’s light

We share the moon and the stars

One day I will hold you again

And the pain will fade away

I will wait patiently until we reunite

I pray for this with all my might

One day we’ll share our days

I pray for that day

With all the strength

I have left.

Mitzi J. Hernandez

Mitzi expresses her thoughts and emotions through words.

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