Everlasting Effects From Relationships

How do you define the relationships in your life? Do they just happen? Are they a product of our search for friendship, love, or a sense of belonging? What are our expectations when we decide to begin a new relationship? I see relationships as an opportunity to learn and be inspired by someone else’s experiences.

Stories about love are very unique because for some very odd reasons, they all led me to walk the path that I am currently following. My love stories may not make for a good movie, but they became the source of impactful changes and I am grateful for them.

I don’t believe “things happen for a reason”. I believe that if things did not work out, it was because I was not properly prepared for them. It was an opportunity to learn and adapt, but I failed to apply the secret formula for good relationships. The so secret formula is the number one reason I made mistakes and I am learning from them. Can I go back in time to change the outcome of my decisions? I have tried, but it has not worked so far.

It has never been easy to transition from a stable relationship to an unknown future. One day everything is happiness and then the next is sadness, depression, solitude, despair, grief, and a torrent of emotional feelings. I have been there, and I have made it to the other side of the road after tough battles in the middle. The scars are part of me to remind me that I moved forward.

As I began graduate school, I devoted all my energy and time to my studies. College life comes with more than just books and a research project to complete. College life was my way to escape from my own mind, and a way to find where I belonged. I was eager to participate, contribute, and forget about anything before that moment in time. I was determined to be busy to avoid any free time to think about previous relationships. I made the decision to forget.

At this point during my life, love relationships were placed on hold. The things that I enjoyed doing fulfilled my heart and kept me occupied. I was highly involved with student organizations, and like never before, I understood the design of systems and structures to help me develop my character. I built a platform with the opportunity to learn about commitment and organizational planning.

Graduation was more than an accomplishment. It was the route to leave behind my comfort zone. I would be forced to explore the unknown. First, I was invaded with excitement. I was looking forward to live in Oregon by finding a positive impact in my new way of life.

It didn’t take long to see a life-affirming boost. I entered into a new relationship that made me believe that things were going in the right direction. However, I didn’t recognize the signs of a complex and bittersweet human sentiment. I felt guilty for failing.

The impact of love triggers the recollections of the past, leaves nostalgia hanging, produces longing for people and places, and it can drive you crazy. I am maybe exaggerating, but that was the way I was feeling. Do we know any better?

Although I reached to my friends for comfort and a way to escape this fight, I was trapped inside the effects of love. Not for long, but it seemed like eternity.

Time passed and I met an incredible person. I found someone that loves me and makes me happy. Someone willing to put up with me. I may be joking, but relationships are hard to keep when we are not learning from our past experiences. Be the best person you can be. Be proud of the choices that you have made.

Alvaro Rodriguez

I am from Colombia and I am very proud to be from that beautiful country. One of my great passions is life because I have walked this path by sharing it with amazing people. People that have taught me to see the world in a very different way. Extraordinary individuals have showed me what I have never could discover by myself. I am an eager reader of science, poetry, politics, and music (yes, the meaning and composition of song lyrics). I have a great appreciation for art, languages, and the expression of everyone's perspective seen from the lens of a camera. I love Astronomy and one day I will be in space. I am a Research Scientist in Corrosion Engineering and writing is a great way for me to tell the world how I feel.

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