Don’t Forget to Thank Yourself

Two and half years ago I was at one of the saddest points I can remember in my short 24 years alive. My high school sweetheart and I had just broken up after he cheated on me with a friend and I was also going through the typical “what am I going to do with my life?” mid college career crisis. I was drowning in the overwhelming feeling of defeat and sadness and for months I couldn’t seem to remember how to swim.

In a noble effort to get me out of this funk a life long friend, who just moved to New York City, invited me to visit. During this trip I met one of his new co-workers, an attractive 23 year old who could charm the pants off anyone. After keeping in frequent communication for a few months after that trip, he invited me to live with him in NYC if I found an internship for the summer. I couldn’t believe it. That same day without a second thought I put my head down and began applying. After 50 applications and countless interviews, I finally landed an internship at a small social media company. That sadness, and feeling of being lost was gone just like that. I was starting to get my head above water. In that moment I thought this person just gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, I will forever be in his debt. However, I was wrong.

Fast forward two years later to 2017, NYC is now the place I call home. For awhile I credited this accomplishment to this one opportunity this guy gave me. I felt like if it wasn’t for this chance I wouldn’t be where I am today. However, after two years the relationship that stemmed from living with him ended I had an ah-ha moment – I am still the same accomplished person in NYC. Sure I have to find a new apartment and maybe buy some furniture but the endless nights of class work and an internship that turned into full-time position, I did that. I think when doors open for us it’s easy to discredit ourselves for the work we’ve done up to that point and give all the credit to others. While it took our two year relationship to end for me to truly credit myself, I hope for all those giving credit for their accomplishments to others to also look in the mirror and thank yourself once in awhile too.

Stephanie Bartz

Stephanie is a spirited millennial tackling the advertising world. A Pennsylvania native trying to fit into the concrete jungle, she believes with hard work and dedication anything is possible. When she's not obsessing over every passing dog you can find her strolling through Central Park with her Nikon or cheering on the Dallas Cowboys.

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