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Changing Our Perspective On Luck

Luck is something we should all appreciate a little more. By definition, "luck" is "success or failure apparently brought by ...
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Who Are You Really?

For as long as I can remember, others have referred to me as a quiet person. My quiet nature just ...
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What I Learned From Not Attending College

I did not go to college. Even though I wanted to, a college education just wasn't in the cards for ...
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Why You Should Always Check On Your Loved Ones

I had a long work week and was looking forward to the weekend. I slept in a bit and hoped ...
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Always Find A Reason To Be Proud Of Yourself

When was the last time that you told someone that you are proud of them? I tell my friends that ...
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Why Self-Love Is The Key To Successful Relationships

I have always gone by the motto "Self-love always starts with you." I  stick with that phrase every day, especially ...
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How Failing Showed Me How Strong I Am

The word “failure” has always lingered in my head. It’s always been such a negative word for me, and after ...
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How Losing You Showed Me How Strong I Am

It's been months since I've shed a single tear over you, which is something I should've never done to begin ...
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