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Express Your Happiness And Sadness

If one thing is certain, it's that no one’s life is a perfect picture.  Every one of your friend’s social ...
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Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup

Putting on makeup is part of most women's everyday routine. I used to be one of those girls who puts ...
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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

I am a disabled, so I need to ask others for help on a daily basis, usually to complete tasks ...
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3 Ways To To Find Your Inner Beauty

For a long time, I struggled to find my definition of beauty. For most people, beauty is defined by looks ...
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7 Lessons My Disability Taught Me

I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 2, and throughout my journey, my disability has taught me many lessons ...
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Why I’m Unapologetically Celebrating My Birthday As Someone With Mental Illness

No matter how old I’m turning, my birthday is typically a fairly laid-back affair.  I’ll go out to lunch or ...
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How Wearing Leg Braces Taught Me About Self-Love

I struggled with my appearance for quite some time, especially in my tween and teen years. Most of my insecurity ...
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I’m Done Letting Social Media Make Me Feel Inadequate

There are days when I’ll sign into Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and take a good look at what other people ...
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