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To That Friend Who Trusted Me When She Needed It Most: “Thank You.”

I have a question for all of you. Do any of you have that one friend who shares the same ...
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“He Would Have Wanted This For You”

All I wanted was a place in the Honors program. Until I received the voicemails.  Seven messages.  From my mom ...
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Success Beyond Disability

When I first started college I was 19 years old. Like most 19-year-old kids, I thought by then I should ...
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Hello there! You look like a bad decision

Destiny is shaped after the winner of the battle between indecisions and our inner voice overcomes the feeling of mixed ...
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How Six-Year-Old You Can Help You Find a New Career

Think back to when you were six and someone asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow ...
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My Happy Ending

Dating over 50 is an experience in itself. Complicated. Very. Should we be looking for the one who makes our ...
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Caution: Overthinking Can Lead to Extreme Indecisiveness

Usually I am eager to sit down with my laptop and formulate all of my thoughts that I have been ...
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Enough with ENOUGH

Enough.  What is enough?  How do you know YOU’RE enough? IT’S enough? THIS is enough? This concept is something that ...
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When you’ve hit rock bottom.

It's been two weeks since my life fell apart. Two weeks since I have had a full nights sleep. Two ...
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