Comfort Zone

That’s Growth, Baby

Becoming a woman is an interesting process. And when I say becoming I woman, I mean joining the community of ...
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Caution: Overthinking Can Lead to Extreme Indecisiveness

Usually I am eager to sit down with my laptop and formulate all of my thoughts that I have been ...
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Made it to my orange and gray hiding spot. The sun is hitting me perfect. The warmth around me is ...
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When you can’t get out of your own head, get into the kitchen.

Two cups of flour. That’s where it starts. If you want to double the recipe to fill a whole sheet ...
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“The Best Mirror is an Old Friend”

“The Best Mirror is an Old Friend” As I sat with my friend P for a quick impromptu dinner the ...
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I had a crisis of identity and it can happen to you too!

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing an amazing career, with many high highs and nearly as many low lows. It ...
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Pace vs Panic

Coworker - “Mornin’ Danny, how are you?” Brain – “violently anxious! crippled with self doubt! Mentally and physically exhausted 15 ...
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Fate Up Against Your Will?

I’ll be honest. I was leery of posting this-- because it will have to make me more accountable. But I’ll ...
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Getting Comfortable with Getting Uncomfortable

Let me start by saying this: I dislike being uncomfortable. I am a self-proclaimed creature of habit and the queen ...
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