The Walk That Almost Wasn’t

“When you turn that tassel, you’re moving on, not just from college, but also from all of the emotions that ...
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Adapting to College Life

As many of you know, I started college in September. I’m not going to lie its been a very tough ...
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Self-Deception is the Worst Deception

You know what really sucks? Self-deception. Why do we lie to ourselves? Is it because of fear? Anxiety? Hesitancy? What ...
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Blissfully Unaware

I love what I do. On a daily basis, I get to interact with students seeking knowledge at a Big ...
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What It Was Like to Live With an Emotional Support Animal During College

I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was in high school. But when I made my way to college, I ...
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How Your Relationship With Your Parents Changes As You Age

This is something that I have recently experienced. As I am beginning my adult life and leaving behind my childhood ...
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Defeat Fear With Passion

I stood huddled on the risers as the music swirled around me.  The pure ring of soprano voices floated through ...
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Reinventing myself

What do you want to be when you grow up? I used to say a doctor or a soccer player ...
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A Day in the Life of a College Student With Anxiety and Cerebral Palsy

7:25: I awaken and shower, pondering my future as the warm water rushes over me.  Do I take a service ...
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