Be Your Own North Star

In life, I’ve learned that it’s best to be your own North Star. Be the one who guides your life to happiness and success  because you’re in control of the journey.

I was born with cerebral palsy, and I’ve experienced a lot of things that have been out of my control. You would think that my disability would stop me from being my own North Star, but it doesn’t. In fact, it makes me want to take control of my life even more.

I want to be a leader for those who need inspiration and use my experiences with disability to help people along the way. That means that I have to be my own North Star, even though some people judge me for the decisions I make and the disability awareness I bring.

Although my adventure with cerebral palsy may not always be a fun one, I’m proud to say that I am my own North Star, and I will not let anyone take that away from me. Even though my life isn’t easy sometimes, I’m here for the ups and downs on my journey. After all, CP is a huge part of my life, and I wouldn’t dare change it.

Being my own North Star has allowed me to take control of my path. Still, sometimes it’s not easy to be the star that stands out from the rest, but I don’t care if I am because it’s just part of my life journey.

I want to leave my mark on the world through my life experiences and story. I believe that God wrote your story before you born, and He has a  reason for everything. He simply gives you the steering wheel so you can take control of your life and shine brightly in everything that you do.

I’m my own North Star, and I’m proud of it. I twinkle on, even when there are barriers and life gets too hard. I will never stop guiding myself to a better path in life.

Tylia Flores

Tylia Flores is a 23-year-old born with cerebral palsy. Although her condition has affected her mobility, it has never affected her will and determination.

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