A Letter to the Young Girl who had a horrible DMV Experience

A young girl came into a DMV I worked at one time in my area. She was 16-17 years old. This was her very first license. She took her road test somewhere else outside the DMV with a private instructor.

A little back story: I went for a break and my colleague was on the camera just logging in from his break. There were only two Photo Tech employees in the building: me and my colleague. We worked for a subcontractor to do the photos. The person who worked in the department that handles everything else for the state wasn’t there.

The young girl I mentioned had a horrible experience. I felt so bad and this is the message I am sending to her regardless if she ever sees it:

To the young girl who had a horrible experience at the DMV,

I felt so bad about your experience at the DMV when you visited to get your first driver’s license. Every person’s experience at the DMV should always be a good one.

When you walked in, I had no idea that your experience was going to go so bad. My colleague’s system was down and that was the start of it. I ended up serving you. Although, it wasn’t right away as I was on my break. I’m glad I came out when I did or your experience would have been worse.

I knew I had to work extremely hard to make your experience good. I did that by trying to be the friendliest person to you as possible. I made sure I answered all of your questions. I got awkward but I still made sure I was friendly. I made sure you got a picture you wanted as your first driver’s license photo.

When I showed you your first driver’s license, I tried to make sure it was exactly how you wanted your first license to be. You seemed so unhappy after you looked it over and walked away. You showed you were upset with my colleague and I felt it. You have no idea how bad I felt as soon as I knew you weren’t happy after doing that.

As soon as you walked away, I told myself a million times since that I wish there was more I could have done to make your experience better. I’ve told my bosses about it and I’ve told my co-workers about it based on how bad I felt.

No 16-year should have to go to the DMV for the first time to get their license and walk out unhappy like that. That moment in your life should be a memorable one. I can’t apologize enough to you and tell you how bad I feel about your experience getting your first driver’s license.

In 4 years when you come back to renew, I will make sure you have the best experience ever. I want you to ask for me when you come back to renew. I will try to remember who you are. I know it won’t make up for much about the first time. However, I hope it helps a little.

I apologize very deeply from the bottom of my heart and I wish you the best on your future endeavors.

Hope to see you when you renew!

Until then, drive safe!


The DMV Employee

Louis Scarantino

Louis Scarantino is a man on the autism spectrum. He advocates for autism awareness. He grew up in Northeastern PA. He started writing and speaking after meeting his favorite singer Shania Twain! He's also published articles for The Mighty, Thought Catalog, YourTango, and Unwritten! He has his own website www.louisscarantino.com! He hopes to become an international Autism Advocate and get a film made about his life!

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