A Letter To That Far One I Miss The Most

Life is a journey, a journey in which we all try to find our destiny. Since life is all about the written and the unknown, here I go again. Being far from the sun that enlightened my life. It feels like history is repeating itself over and over, but this time is different. This time I know that we’ll keep that bond, we’ll make a successful example for long distance torments to be guided by, to be the lighthouse for those people to keep their friendship a relationship to¬† go to the infinity and beyond.

To the one I miss the most, to my rising sun, soulmate and the angelic presences I want to stick with till the day I meet my maker. here’s a word for you that I’ll take as an oath to always be there for you.

Hello, hope that everything is good. it didn’t take long for me to realize that you changed a lot in me, you turned my misery into a true paradise. and now you left me here alone…with your soul around me, protecting me and giving me the steps to have an outstanding life and feel loved always. Now I have a list of things I want to do for you to make our connection indestructible.

1-Sharing every moment together

Being in different countries is bad? Hell no! We will have a huge amount of moments to talk about to each other every day, I promise that my daily life activities will be our sweet night talk every day.

2-Keep reminding you of how amazing you are

You’re a unique person and you have magnificent capabilities to make you rule the whole world. I’m very lucky that I have someone like you beside me. I promise that I’ll always be your support system and make you sure about your greatness.

3-Watching your back and be your ranger

Even though you are in a different place, I promise you that I’ll always make you feel that we are together, I’ll call you and text you every day to tell you about everything I do.

4-Being honest

Don’t think that because you’re far away that means I’ll hide what is inside of myself from you. Never! I promise to be honest to you always and tell you everything happened and everything on l my mind to make things better between as.

It wasn’t by our hands that we’ve gotten separated, but what we can really do is continuing building a good friendship.

You’ll always be my best buddy. Whether here, in another country, or another solar system.

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