5 Truths Your Inner Self Deserves to Hear

We all have suffered pain of many different types and severities. How these hurts have impacted our lives vary based on history, the nature of the trauma and a multitude of other factors. These 5 truths may serve as a baseline for setting the precedent for how one allows their future to unfold….

#1- You deserve better

  Whether the situation you are in now seems unbearable or one of the past to you seems inexplicable to how you rose out of it, know you deserve better. You were put on this other to impact the lives of others with whatever gift you’ve been granted, to learn from your experiences and to experience boundless joy. While you may not be in it now, know it is coming and it is worth the waiting.

#2 Forgive them

  Though the person who inflicted harm on you has maybe not ever uttered the words “I’m sorry”, forgive them. Even if you have to falsify some elaborate story as to why they couldn’t find the courage to admit more and ask for repentance, allow yourself to think they have so you can be released from the chains of whatever harm they’ve caused you,

#3- Forgive yourself

  Whatever pain you’ve endured, whatever decisions that you’ve made that may have snowballed into further turmoil, let it go. Holding onto what “could have been” or what “should have been” will only prolong the period of suffering into your future days. Learn from your mistakes. Take the lesson, move on.

#4-You were given this life because you were meant to live it

You may be in a period of life where it seems you are constantly hitting brick walls and it is getting nearly impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The reality is, you’re still in the tunnel so you are still going the right way. Push through. The award will be well worth the struggle.

#5- It’s okay to lean on others

We were given the gift of support systems for just that reason. To have a group of people to turn to when times are desperate and have the ability to be transparent and say things like, “Hey, I’m having a rough week- do you mind checking on me every couple of days?” Friends will feel honored that you trust them enough to be so transparent and you’ll feel comforted in being held accountable.

Once you speak these truths over yourself, you may be in a more steady flow towards healing and support. In doing this, you may start to open yourself to the limitless spontaneous moments of magic life has to offer. Let yourself be open to the magic.

Theresa Faughnan

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