3 Ways to Stop Fear from Ruling Your Life

Fear is a nasty feeling that can quickly turn into an unpleasant habit. The way it creeps up on you when you least expect it to and the way it has the ability to wear you down bit by bit can make anyone feel lost as to how to handle it.

For years, I have been afraid of everything that could go wrong in life. I’ve never been the type to go with the flow, though I’ve always dreamed of having that carefree attitude. I know how easy it can be to fall into the same daily routine of giving into fear and allowing it to rule our lives. It’s exhausting, so why do we all put up with it? Is it that we get satisfaction from the pain, or do we truly want to be fear-ridden, but just don’t know how?

So, how can we stop fear from rearing its ugly head? Here are three ways to stop fear from taking control of your life.

Live By “Que Sera, Sera.”

“Que sera, sera” is pretty self-explanatory: Whatever will be, will be. Go with the flow, and don’t think you always need a plan for everything. Leave life up to fate. If you psych yourself out of everything, you’ll never feel the satisfaction that goes along with taking things as they come. Living by this simple principle also a surefire way to stop concerning yourself with life’s pesky anxieties.


Be Present.

Stop living in the past. It’s very common (especially for me), to solely focus on the past and ruminate over every bad thing that has happened. Not only is it habitual for people to focus on the past, but it also shapes the way a person lives their life. Thinking, “This happened to me and it could happen to me again” makes it very difficult to enjoy days as they come. After all, fear tends to cause you to think that the worst is yet to come. What’s the point of letting my guard down when there’s a good chance I will just get hurt? What’s the point of thinking positively when it’s not going to work out? For any of you who have ever thought this way or currently have this mindset, let me be clear: This is a very dangerous way to live. Being centered and present in your day-to-day lifestyle will lead to a healthier and happier you.


Love yourself.

When you love yourself, you become stronger in both body and mind. Building a healthier mind makes it more difficult for fear to come seeping through the crevices of your mind into your thoughts. Train your mind to be positive, yet practical. Yes, bad things can happen, but you are capable of handling anything that life throws at you. Even though life is full of unpredictable hardships, spending your time agonizing over the what-ifs causes you to miss out on the many blessings that the universe has to offer.

It is easy for fear to take control of anyone’s life, and it’s even been a struggle for me. Knowing your worth and your capability of rising above it, though, is what helps each and every one of us live fearlessly. I vow, starting today, to live each day by these three mantras. Give these suggestions a try; they just might leave you stronger than you were yesterday. Go ahead and embrace the unknown without fear.

Marissa Selemba

Marissa, I have a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology, and currently interested in experiencing a career change in writing. My goal is to one day be a content writer. I enjoy classic rock music and unwinding with my cat, Stevie Nicks!

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