Her Worst Kept Secret

Every girl struggles with body weight and body image. Too tall and skinny, too short and fat, too pear shaped, ...
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Turn Adversity Into Opportunity

I lay in bed, unable to walk, gazing wearily at the sterile, whitewashed walls of the hospital room.  My eyes ...
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I Can Wear Heels, Damn It!

It’s Saturday night, and after a long week of work I’m getting ready for a night on the town.  I ...
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/ Sabrina Deshner, self love

Slow down sometimes

Slow down sometimes… Being in academic research means long hours consisting of experiments, meetings, and of course, data processing. I ...
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/ self love, Taryn Anthony

For the health of it

Too busy, too tired, or too invested in other people’s lives. Today it seems harder than ever to take care ...
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Pep Talks

I’m sure we can all think of a time when encouraging words from another were the impetus to drive us ...
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Self-Served, Self-Love: Investing in Yourself First

As my boyfriend and I were playing tennis, an older gentleman no taller than me (a pleasant 5’2”) approached the ...
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