Her Worst Kept Secret

Every girl struggles with body weight and body image. Too tall and skinny, too short and fat, too pear shaped, ...
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Let Me Take Your Selfie

There is something I need to tell the readers of this blog...and those in the middle of the great unknown ...
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Love Yourself First

"Make sure you secure your oxygen mask before assisting others." We've all heard these words before, but they don't just ...
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Can’t a girl just eat some steak and fries?

I love wearing leggings (or as my life hostage calls them leggin’s – I’m not sure what he has against ...
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/ body image, Rachel Olszewski

Positive Thinking = Positive Outcome

Weight gain. It can be devastating. Millions of people struggle with weight and how to lose it. I am definitely ...
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/ body image, Olivia DelVecchio

Make a Decision to Beat It

Victoria’s secret runway show, models, actresses, photoshop, filters, social media. All of these things dictate to us what society finds ...
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