What Animals Can Teach Us

     Yesterday, my cat, Johnny Bear, got outside. Now, he is an indoor cat and has been his entire one year of life. He went out of my apartment ...
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/ Melissa Rafalko, perspective

For the health of it

Too busy, too tired, or too invested in other people’s lives. Today it seems harder than ever to take care of yourself. Amiright? I often find myself working with people ...
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When relationships are f-ing hard…keep loving.

I am difficult to love. I know that. And I’m pretty impossible to live with. Trust me, I recognize that too. I’m stubborn, have high expectations, and I can be ...
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The Mutual Breakup

I feel that a lot of people have horrible breakups and end up hating each other. That is what makes the break up easy.  That is what gives you the ...
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/ Meghan Farr, relationships

What is normal anyway?

I have a little secret to share with you, something that only a few people on this entire world know about me…until today I suppose. I have a physical reaction ...
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Getting Comfortable with Getting Uncomfortable

Let me start by saying this: I dislike being uncomfortable. I am a self-proclaimed creature of habit and the queen of "what if something bad happens?" I am not a ...
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Pep Talks

I’m sure we can all think of a time when encouraging words from another were the impetus to drive us through a given situation. Motivation. Enthusiasm. Electricity is a word ...
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A New Rule of Thumb

Ramadan is coming to a close this weekend as I’m writing this piece. It’s gotten me thinking about things related to it. I had resolved to learn more about it this ...
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/ Marcie Riebe

The Meaning of Life

The personification of the correlation of time and life would be giving it the description of being a person in quicksand that gets engulfed and completely submerged by the sticky ...
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